About the Neighborhood

In yesteryears the Mayan's named it Xaman-Ha, which means “Waters of the North."  Nowdays, it is simply called Playa.


This beachfront town has found a very special place in our hearts, and helps most visitors rejuvinate their spirits.

Your Private “Tree House” 

Getaway in Mexico

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the legendary 5th avenue, in the heart of Playa del Carmen, you will find a quiet gate leading to a jungle oasis. 

As you enter and climb the open staircase, artfully built into the landscape with trees, water, and Cenotes (the natural caves Playa is famous for), you will feel like you are ascending into a private tree house. 

The soaring trees, open sky, and beautiful birdsongs will surprise you. You won’t believe you are only steps away from exquisite dining, world-class shopping, live music, and dancing. 

Only five minutes’ walk to the beach, this lovely home offers an incredibly diverse vacation experience. 

Come on in...

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